The Mission

An invitation-only community of senior HR leader committed to the advancement of our Organization, our Communities, and Ourselves.

The Sierra Institute Mission is Supported by Our Values


This is foundational. Honesty is a building block for trust. TSI Fellows are honest with themselves and with each other.


We treat what we hear and say within TSI with extreme discretion.You can trust that what is shared does not leave the group.


We are a community of life-long learners who use TSI as an integral part of both personal and professional evolution.


We strive to understand before being understood, because that is how we best learn from and support each other.


While we are very serious about what we do, we are not so serious about ourselves. We relish the opportunity to see the humor in our lives and in each other.


We believe a fulfilled life is best realized through the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors.

Self Reflection

The ability to reflect and identify what you stand for, what your values are and what matters most


The ability to see situations from multiple perspectives, including differing viewpoints, to gain a holistic understanding.

True Self-confidence

More than a mastery of certain skills, true self-confidence enables you to accept yourself as you are, recognizing your strengths and your weaknesses and focusing on continuous improvement.

Genuine Humility

The ability to never forget who you are, to appreciate the value of every person, and to treat everyone respectfully.


From “Values to Action” by Harry Kraemer

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In The News

  •   Tamara Bray is Group Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer for DCP Midstream, “one of the largest producers of NGLs and one of the largest natural gas processing companies in the U.S.” DCP gathers and/or processes about 12% of our nation’s gas supply. Since joining......

  • In 2016, Larry Fink, the CEO of $5.7 trillion dollar BlackRock Investment wrote a letter that was widely circulated among companies throughout the country. That letter spoke out against “short-termism” and advocated  “that every CEO lay out for shareholders each year a strategic framework for......

  • Over a 10 year period, management assessment group ghSmart assessed 17,000 C-suite executives including 2,000 CEOs to answer the following question, “What sets successful CEOS apart?” The answers, which were published in a recent Harvard Business Review, may surprise you. Download Article here  ...