About Us

Since its founding in 2003, The Sierra Institute (TSI) has been pursuing a simple Vision – to provide a safe place for top HR leaders to hone their craft and form powerful relationships. This idea arose out of the simple recognition that CHROs face truly lonely circumstances – who are you supposed to go to for help when you most need it? TSI primarily fulfills this Vision by hosting 2 meetings each year, in wonderful locations around the US.


Throughout its history, TSI has fulfilled its Vision by focusing on 3 things – Great People, Great Content, and Great Relationships. We invite and attract whole People; people who are balanced with broad and varied interests. We trust and promote the creation of powerful ideas and supportive Relationships, relationships that are fostered 365 days a year. We actively seek out speakers who provide thought-provoking ideas that fuel Content-rich discussions.


The power and value of TSI is most singularly realized through the quality of its members, who we refer to as “Senior Fellows”. “Senior” because we only have the senior-most HR leaders, those who are most accountable for their organization’s human capital strategies; and “Fellows” because, at its core, TSI is all about learning and evolution, conceptually similar to think tanks.


In evaluating a potential Fellow, we look for a leader who:

• Is the HR leader of a stand-alone company (public or private), or of a large Business Unit;
• Is pursuing a robust human capital strategy;
• Has a history of delivering unique value to her/his organization;
• Shares our Values and is a “whole” person.


Our membership is limited to no more than 50 Senior Fellows. Collectively our members have responsibility for leading the human capital agendas for organizations employing over 400,000 employees, doing business in 65 countries, and have 840 years of experience in #1 HR roles.


If you would like to learn more about TSI, go the “contact us” tab.

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